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Energy Guard Quality Home Improvement

Energy Guard LLC is a family owned and operated business proudly serving cities, towns and rural areas across Kansas and the surrounding states. We offer decades of experience in providing quality home improvement products, professional installation and responsive customer service.

Energy Guard Quality Home Improvement

More people are coming to the Energy Guard Quality Home Improvement family and choosing to purchase energy-efficient, insulated windows, siding and roofing as they see their gas and electric bills keep getting higher and higher. After all, you can pay off your mortgage, but you will never pay off your utilities!

Let Energy Guard Quality Home Improvement help you save money and protect your greatest investment by providing you with products for your home that are made to LAST A LIFETIME!

Featured Products

Increase the beauty and value of your home by choosing Energy Guard for replacement windows, siding and roofing.


Energy Guard Quality Home Improvement Energy Efficient Windows
  • Solid Insulated Vinyl Windows never need paint, caulk or maintenance.
  • You can choose between Double or Triple Pane Glass Windows.
  • All windows have Titanium Low-E Glass with argon gas.
  • The tilt-in feature makes cleaning easy.
  • Windows are custom made for you in a variety of colors and styles.
  • A lifetime transferable warranty is included.

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Energy Guard Quality Home Improvement Energy Efficient Roofing
  • Our Insulated Steel and Class 4 laminated, impact-resistant roofing have UL Class 90 uplift and Class 4 impact resistance ratings.
  • Roofs are available in a variety of styles, colors and textures.
  • Steel roofing is eco-friendly and is 100% recyclable.
  • Insulated Steel and Class 4 laminate roofs offer the best protection for your home against hail, snow, wind and external fire.
  • With these roofs, you usually qualify for reduced insurance premiums.
  • These roofs can last over 50 years!

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Energy Guard Quality Home Improvement Energy Efficient Siding
  • Unique 3-layer foam insulation system beats all competitors.
  • Siding comes with a lifetime transferable warranty against hail damage, chipping, cracking and pealing.
  • We have a wide selection of colors and styles to compliment all types of homes.
  • 25 foot panels look seamless.

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