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Lebanon Home with New Siding



Lebanon, Kansas

From the homeowners –

“Those men did an awesome job. Couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Came Wednesday morning at 8:00 am and Friday 6:00 pm were loaded up and gone. There was nothing left in our yard to even hint that they had been here, no scrap of any kind. They were so meticulous and tidy it was impressive. Thanks for the good job guys!”

Large Home with New Siding


Historic Home Renovation Restoration Windows Siding Horton, KS East KansasHOME RENOVATION PROJECT

Horton, Kansas

A large home with new siding, windows and doors. Tim remembers that because the Lantaff’s home was so large they were skeptical that they could afford insulated vinyl siding. “When the Lantaffs found out that Energy Guard Midwest could do the job for $15,000 less that the other estimate they received, they came up with a design for their early 20th century house’s exterior renovation. Mrs. Lantaff showed me a picture that she had had for many years of a New England house that had light blue gray siding with accents of navy blue and white. I suggested that we do the body of the house in the light blue gray color with the fascia and the frieze board in navy blue. We did the trim around the windows and doors in white. The most distinctive part of the renovation was the use of the scallops in the large front gable surrounding the round gable window with its starburst frame in navy blue.”

Getting Rid of the Mold in Home


Windows Siding Roofing Central KansasHOME RENOVATION PROJECT

Gypsum, Kansas

Replaced windows, siding and roof. Tim Henry remembers the challenge and successful completion of the renovation of the Hall House. “When I first talked Kevin and Genny Halls about this project, they said that they had a problem with mold and the hollow concrete block walls of their house. That was the challenge- getting rid of the mold in home. Their doctor told them that the mold in the house was making their two daughters ill and they either had to find a way to fix the problem or to move from their house. The challenge was that we had to find a way to affix the Insulfoam insulation and the vinyl siding to the imitation stone blocks. We solved the problem by fastening plywood to the turn of the century concrete blocks and then filling the space between with insulating canister foam. We then attached 1 1/2″ of extruded poly-styrene Insulfoam insulation with double vapor barrier which gave the walls an insulation value of R 11.4 and solved the mold problem. We used a combination of 4″ straight lap vinyl siding with vinyl scallops to preserve the historically unique architectural details of the home. The Halls were able to stay in their historic home and save money on their utilities at the same time.”

Energy Guard Midwest, LLC is a BBB Accredited Siding Contractor in Wichita, KS